Tantra: Man, Woman & The Magic Attraction

Tantra: Man, Woman & The Magic Attraction
Seminar with Arthur Lederer & Angela Østergaard,

In tantra and yoga, the creative force inherent in all life’s processes is experienced as a game of attraction in its perpetual play, whether it be physical attraction or psycho-dynamic relations.

In a way, all experiences in our everyday life pay tribute to the empowerment of the ever-changing dynamics of Yin & Yang, Moon & Sun, Feminine & Masculine, whether it be in relationships & love games, business & career, health & inner balance, processes of understanding & development of new skills, mobilizing resources & cultivating talents, or any other life pursuits.

In this 45 minutes, intense seminar Arthur and Angela will show you how to unfold the magic power of attraction in your life.



  Natha Yogacenter & Bioteket

  Bioteket v. Osramhuset, Valhalsgade 4, 2200 KBH

  Søndag 11:45-12:30