Springtime Jazz Festival 2018 Copenhagen

SJF is bringing 3 days of music from Italy and Denmark to Copenhagen. Day 2 is at KoncertKirken in collaboration with Norrebro 48h Festival. It’s going to be four acts, featuring a composition for large improvisers ensemble, a piano trio, 15 minutes of exhaustion and a more sophisticated duo from Italy.

19.00 Luca Curcio All In trio
Luca Curcio: doublebass
Artur Tuznik: piano
Simon Olderskog Albertsen: drums

20.00 Cycle & Bicycles
Pasquale Calò: tenor sax
Fabrizio Savino: guitar
Asger Thomsen: doublebass
Michele Bussone: drums

21.00 Hygge Ensemble
Gianluca Elia: sax
Szymon Pimpon: drums
Emil Palme: el. guitar
Jonatan Uranes: el. bass

Evoking the magical danish sensation by a very simple concept: exactly 15 minutes of music as dense, loud and physically involving as we can. No development, no compromises. We’re really going to relax (afterwards)

21.30 European Improvisers Orchestra – EIO’
(in collaboration with RMC and JazzDanmark)
Saxophones: Ausonio Caló (soprano, IT), Simone Garino (alto, IT), Gianluca Elia, G.Cappello (tenor, IT), Michal Biel (baritone, PL)
Brass: Hakon Guttormsen (PL), Jakob Sorensen (DK)
Piano: Kamil Pietrowicz (PL), Zoe Efsthatiou (GR, prepared piano)
Guitar: Fabrizio Savino (IT), Mads Ulrich (DK), Simone Farò (IT)
Bass: Asger Thomsen (DK), Roberto Bordiga (IT), Luca Curcio (IT)
Drums: Michele Bussone (IT), Paolo Possidente (IT), Szymon Pimpon (PL)
Composition: Pasquale Caló (IT), Ausonio Calò (IT), Simone Farò (IT)
Direction & conduction: Pasquale Calò

* * *

Springtime Jazz Festival, created by the Italian artistic production platform Mediterraneo Radicale, is a roaming contemporary jazz festival happening during the spring in many Italian and European cities. Active across generational and geographical borders, SJF promotes new creative artistic productions and makes connections between musicians of different aesthetics, ages and nationalities.

The 2018 edition is happening in Torino, Milano, Bari, Lecce, Taranto, Urbino, Viterbo, Napoli, Bruxelles, Amsterdam, and for the frst time in Copenhagen.

SJF2018 is coming to Copenhagen bringing three days of music, presenting projects from Italy and collaboration with the international impro scene which is so special about the danish capital.

During the same period, a large improvisers ensemble will be formed, to record a collaborative composition that will be released on the internet as documentation under creative commons license by Mediterranean Creative Records.

Partners: Koncertkirken, Noisy Beehive, Mandagsklubben, JazzDanmark, Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium (RMC)
The concert is organised by KoncertKirken in collaboration with Gianluca Elia and Springtime Jazz Festival.
Curated by Gianluca Elia.
Supported by Statens Kunstfond, Københavns Kommune and Nørrebro Lokaludvalg.
Part of 48 TIMER FESTIVAL 2018.

Tickets: 100 dkk / stud 50 dkk




  Blågårds Plads 6A, 2200 København

  Søndag 19:00-23:00

  100 kr. (stud. 50 kr.)

Blågårds Pl. 6A