Meditation: Silent Mind, Happy Heart

Meditation: Silent Mind, Happy Heart
Seminar with Arthur Lederer

We all wish to be happy, yet happiness seems to be most of the time just out of reach, and once obtained it rarely lasts. Happiness is like keeping your balance – it cannot be stored or kept by force, it needs to be recreated moment by moment. Then it is as easy as breathing.

This balance is between the needs of the Mind and of the Heart – the two fundamental systems of our being. The heart needs to be free, it needs spontaneity, it needs to feel and it needs to fly. The Mind needs discipline, like a horse which needs to be trained, it needs structure and it needs routine. So how do we make them work together?

This 45 minutes seminar presents principles and simple exercises with daily life applications that can ensure a great deal of harmony and balance for all those that are caught in a daily existence. Join this seminar and discover that happiness can be always there if you wish it.

About Arthur Lederer (b. 1978):
Arthur Lederer is a Life coach and business consultant, former military officer, teacher of Tantra, meditation and Yoga with 16 years of experience. Arthur believes that the purpose of life is to continuously improve ourselves and to grow as human beings. That everything that happens to us represents opportunities for growth and challenges to overcome.



  Natha Yogacenter & Bioteket

  Bioteket v. Osramhuset, Valhalsgade 4, 2200 KBH

  Søndag 11.00-11.45