Rhythmus #4 – Mute Swimmer (UK) / Second Youth (DK) / Halasan Bazar (DJ)

RHYTHMUS er BLAA GALLERIs nye månedlige musikserie, som ud fra en overbevisning om, at denne by aldrig kan få nok af twangly guitar og synth med swing, introducerer nye lokale bands og dansevenlige DJ’s fra dybet af den københavnske undergrund.

På plakaten denne lørdag aften er romantiske, sjove, ironiske og uforglemmeligt melankolske Mute Swimmer (UK) og den vidunderligt komplekse simplicitet, som hedder Second Youth (DK). DJ: Halasan Bazar.


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RHYTHMUS is BLAA GALLERI´s new monthly music series, presenting fresh local bands and foot stompin DJ´s from the depths of the Copenhagen underground, as this town can never get enough of them twangly guitars and ocillating synths!

Mute Swimmer is a music project of British artist Guy Dale. His music defies easy categorization fusing performance art, spoken word and the melodic song. He has described his work as an act of sabotage – often taking the process of writing and moment of performance itself as a narrative subject. As such Mute Swimmer’s songs often operate in the real time of performance. Romantic, funny, ironic and hauntingly melancholic by rapid turns – he’s earned a reputation as a compelling live performer.

’Air Itself’ was released on Truco Espárrago 2017 and was followed by shows in Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Italy. ’Old Love’, a collaboration with Copenhagen based artist Own Road was released March 2018.

Those who saw Christian ”Hank” Jørgensen´s (former Halasan Bazar / The Wilde Sect) jangly shoegaze band Ekkofabrikken live at the peak of their powers will tell you that it was an experience they can never forget – they were the true kings of rock. But capturing the music can be a frustrating, elusive and lifelong journey, and their masterpiece was never recorded. For Hank, whose search for the lost chord has taken him through many projects, bands and ideas, it has become almost a trademark – he only touches what is new and fresh, always reaching for the blue horizon. Out of this everlasting search comes the wonderful complex simplicity that is Second Youth. Here he teams up with Thomas Mørch, producer, bandmate, soulmate and soundscape director, and they pick up Hank´s jangly and sensitive songs and build them up, through a jungle of samples, warped guitar lines and strange electronics, into epic DIYsymphonies. They let the process speak for itself, and the result is truly unique. Be excited, for here comes the season of the Second Youth.


  Blaa Galleri & Endless Summer

  Blågårdsgade 29, 2200 København

  Lørdag 15:00-18:00


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